The show is full of white fringe, kneepads, extendable arms, and vinyl records. ThereĀ“s ball juggling where the elbows are used as little trampolines, ring technique that turns the rings into jogging butterflies, and a 5 club piece viewed from the back which forms constellations and waves from high throws and reverse spins.

It's a futuristic chandelier with a sense of humor!

Show type: Solo juggling performance
Length: 50 minutes
Performance space: Theater

Technical requirements:

Space - The show requires a theater with raised seating so the entire audience can see the floor of the stage. The stage must be at least 7 meters wide and 6 meters deep with a ceiling height of 7 meters from the stage floor to the lowest hanging lights or ceiling beam. There must be wings on each side of the stage and the audience must only view the show from the front.

Light - All lights are brought with the show but the theater must provide electricity to the down stage left corner of the stage as well as five 10 meter black electrical extension cords.

Sound - There must be a sound system sufficient for the audience size with a Direct Input box down stage left capable of taking input from RCA cables.

Technician - There must be a technician in the tech booth during the show in case of trouble with the sound but they have no cues.

Questions and booking: [email protected]